Building instructions Lego Spike Essential

Educational robotics expands its boundaries, from the direction of additional education it is gradually moving to a new level, and is being a part of the main curricula. The secret of such success is simple – an integrated approach to the study of mathematics, physics, programming and other sciences. And also practice and practice again! And most importantly, robotics arouses a sincere interest in classes in children.

In turn, classes in robotics are built around the study of models of robots, designed on a particular material base. Historically, one of the most popular platforms for learning robotics is Lego Education. Previously they are presented in two main series – Lego Wedo 2.0 and Lego Mindstorms EV3. At the moment, there are new products as like Spike Essential and Spike Prime.  

The developers of these kits (Team of Lego Education) have prepared teaching materials (for example unit “Great Adventure”) that allow you to organize the educational process approximately from several months to half year. However, the moment comes when the materials end, and there is still a long learning period ahead. We also passed this turning point and spent many of time developing author’s teaching materials for kit Lego Spike Essential.

To save your time and help to prepare an interesting curriculum in robotics, you can find on our website models of robots from the Lego Spike Essential kit, as well as step-by-step instructions for them.

Short list of our building instructions Lego Spike Essential

Brick Sorter Spike Essential

The Brick sorter drive is made on a belt drives. After loading bricks before the colour sensor, the last one recognizes the correspondence to a particular color, after which the “tape” directs the brick to the left or right.

Hammer Spike Essential

The Hammer uses a cam transmission – due to the rotation of the “cam”, the hammer is lowered, hits the nail and then returns to the upper position. Auxiliary transmission is belting drive.

Sailboat Spike Essential

Due to the operation of the crank mechanism the movement of sailboat occurs. When the beacon (this role plays light matrix) is green, movement is allowed; when it is red, it is prohibited.

Gymnast Spike Essential

The movement occurs due to the operation of the motor that rotate the horizontal bar. The colour sensor allows you to calculate the number of pull-ups of the gymnast.

Dancing Crab Spike Essential

Due to the operation of the crank mechanism the movement of legs occurs – and the movement of crab looks like dance!

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